Change OS on EdgeBox-PRI-200


I work on an EdgeBox-PRI-200, with a rasberry pi CM4 module. I need to install some python librairies but I can’t because the OS installed is 32 bit (arm32v7) despite the processor beeing 64bit.
My question is : how can I change the OS for a 64 bit version.
I have ordered a io board to connect the CM4 and change its OS but I have no garantee that it will work, as the EdgeBox board might need drivers I don’t know about.
Is there any documentation on this ?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

This is a great question and I wish I knew the answer as well. I have been changing over all of my Raspberry Pi machines to 64 bit due to some libraries that would not compile on 32-bit. I have not seen Seeedstudio answer here so I wonder if you will need to email them. Getting the 64-bit OS onto the device is one step but you will probably also want to se up the peripherals that are on this board such as the RTC.

Seeedstudio does have a backup image for the edgebox but I don’t see any instructions about how to install it.

Which “io board” have you purchased? I might be interested in this if I decide to get into using CM4 module based products.

As the title says it’s the EdgeBox-PRI-200 :

For the moment I flashed a 64 bit OS and it seems to work fine. But I don’t use 4G connection already so I guess when the moment comes I’ll have some problems…

If you want to reflash the system in EdgeBox-RPI-200. Maybe you need to take the CM4 out and put it on the carrier board for reflashing.
Our EdgeBox-RPi-200 Backup Image is the same as the official Raspberry PI image, with no additional driver changes. So flashing the official 64-bit image will not affect the use of EdgeBox.