Change GPS UTC time

The time given the received via GPS data is 1 hour ahead, you can access the GPS configuration via AT commands to change this parameter?

Hi, I am sorry that there’s no such AT cmd yet,

could you please send me you location and the data get from LinkIt ONE?

Hello! Thanks for the quick response.
This is the information received via GPS, the positions are correct, however, time lags, my UTC is -3, São Paulo, Brazil.

UTC timer 17-46-25
latitude = 2329.8550, longitude = 4641.2165
satellites number = 9
LGPS loop

Normally dealing with a GPS just returns UTC (aka GMT etc) and you just modify it after. There are lots of examples in the Arduino Time library on how to set your offset.

Ok, I will include it in the program, thank you! :mrgreen:

I am Shekhar . I am using LINKIT ONE Kit and trying to get GPS coordinates .but i am not getting coordinates inside building. i have tried one of your code.