Change Class of Device (CoD) code for Bluetooth Bee

The Bluetooth Bee is stated as being SPP (Serial Port Profile) bluetooth device. Unfortunately, it is impossible to pair this to most Android phones, due to a bug(?) in the broadcomm bluetooth stack used by most phone vendors.

This is the offending line of code (copy and paste the URL, it was not parsed correctly by this bulletin board):[%25s]%20class%20is%200x00%20-%20skip%20it.%22&sa=N&cd=1&ct=rc

Which results in:

Basically, all Bluetooth devices that report their class as 0x00 are blocked from use. Apparently it may be difficult to convince phone manufactures that this is a bug that needs to be fixed on their side:

So there are only two ways around this: root your phone and patch the bluetooth stack (yuck) or change the class code that the bluetooth bee module returns to be non-zero.

Is there any way/chance to change the class code that is reported by the bluetooth bee? I hope so!!!