Change boot-up logo for BenF v3.11

Hello everyone!

Today I played around with the gcc ARM toolchain and the source of BenF v3.11. The first thing I tried to change was the boot-up logo. I have found the definition in lcd.c and tried to understand it. After figuring out how the logo is packed into this definition I wrote a little MATLAB script which I’d like to share with you. It converts a 112x38 1-bit PNG into the proper definition, which you have to paste into the code, recompile, and you have yourself a new logo!

Maybe it’s of use for anybody.

Reini (878 Bytes)

That’s cool, Reini. It is another example how nice it is to have the source code…

For those without Matlab (usually is a good substitute), I could not resist the temptation to make a python version. It should accept any png file, for colour files it will only look at the red channel. The size is not restricted to 112x38, but must fit inside the screen of course.

You will need to have the PyPNG library (download URL is inside the script).

Reni & Tormod

You both have my attention. Now, if my brain doesn’t go into overload …