Celular Module disables Ethernet devices from PCIe bus


I’ve a Quectel module RM500Q which is somehow clashing against the integrated ethernet devices, either the Linux Kernel detects the modem OR the IGB Ethernet devices, in other words , if I connect the module to the M2 devices and boot , there are no ethernet devices recognised , if I take the modem out , they appear visible again…

Any ideas??
Thanks a lot!!

Which M.2 slot the card inserted?

In the m2B, the one for cellular modules, plz let me know if u have an idea of what’s going. It is driving me crazy


@plafonator We are debuging this problem. Will update to you ASAP.

Hello Bruce,

I finally found this was due to a bogus m2 module, I had to hard reset the module and update its firmware and everything came back to Normal.

Thanks anyway!

@plafonator Can you post more details here? I meet the same problem. Which firmware you update finally?

I run RM500QGL_VH with Firmware: RM500QGLABR11A02M4G without problems under Ubuntu 20.10
Quectel also has firmware RM500QGLABR11A03M4G but that one I find buggy with GPS going on and off all the time.

Sure, I was running RM500QGLABR11A02M4G and it behaved quite strangely , it did never reach above 150 mbit/s even though I was conducting controlled tests under 5G , so with other devices I was obtaining about 700mbps…

Long story short, the module end up having internal problems, RF components broken or so, at least that is the internal report that the modem gives.

One potential reason may have been the poor grounding of the unit while installed in the Odyssey, this is because the unit is larger than the standard LTE modules… so you have no direct bolt to use.

Summary: I will have to replace the unit.

Hey! glad to hear that , how much throughput have you been able to achieve with this module?