Celebrate Arduino Day 2019 with Kickstarter at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen

Arduino has been an undeniable force that has been powering the Maker Movement and the DIY electronics community for over a decade now. Countless projects and builts have an Arduino at their heart. It’s really exciting to announce that we will have three Arduino Day 2019 events at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Hebei on March 16th.

For those who are not familiar with the Arduino Day yet, a brief intro might help. “It is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s birthday. It’s a 24-hour-long event—organized by both the community and Arduino team—where those interested in Arduino get together, share their experiences, and learn more about the platform. Participation is open to anyone, either as an organizer or participant, from makers and students to professional developers and educators.”

So all jesting apart, we’ll curate an Arduino Day event with sessions of Talk, Project Sharing and Social & Mingle at 15:00 at Chaihuo x.factory Shenzhen to celebrate the big day of the maker community.

As we all know, Arduino has been powering up so many projects for proof of concept, many of which go to Kickstarter for the next stage. We’re super excited to have Heather, the International Director of Design & Technology at Kickstarter, one of our beloved community partners to join us to give a Talk to celebrate Arduino Day in Shenzhen.

Speaker: Heather Corcoran

Heather Corcoran is the International Director of Design & Technology at Kickstarter, the largest global crowdfunding platform. Based in London, she works closely with product designers, hardware startups, innovators and makers across the world who use Kickstarter to bring new projects to life.

Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life – and Arduino helps makers build them. For Heather’s talk, she will share the DIY electronics projects powered by Arduino on Kickstarter, how a passion project by a single maker goes on to build a broad community through crowdfunding, and also the must-not-miss tips for successfully planning and delivering a Kickstarter campaign.

Speaker: Crail Lyu

Crail Lyu is a maker and Product Marketing Manager at Seeed Studio. He has made more than 100 projects ranging from robotics, IoT, interactive arts to gaming and many more. Crail has an enthusiasm for making, creating and sharing, and is on the path of exploring how to make better products and make them more accessible to the community.

And in another session, we’ll invite Crail to show some highlighted Arduino projects from the community. Some of them cool, fun, meaning & make an impact. Crail will introduce these inspiring projects that we selected from the community, to give you a glimpse of the creative, vibrant and versatile community! Besides, you will get to see some of the cool gadgets, tips, techniques behind these projects.

Last but not least, we are opening a few slots for our community members (Yes, YOU!) to show your cool project! Your projects should meet one of the following requirements:

  1. It’s a project powered by Arduino

  2. It’s a project from a successful Kickstarter campaign

  3. It’s a project that you’d like to launch on Kickstarter

    Spots are limited, apply ASAP. Please email violet@chaihuo.org to apply!

    Event Details

    Time: 15:00 - 17:00, March 16 (Saturday), 2019

    Place: Chaihuo x.factory

    Spots: 100

    Sign up: http://www.chaihuo.org/activity/poster?id=349

    No matter you are an Arduino hobbyist, an IoT developer, or an R&D engineer who uses Arduino or related products in developing your products, a startup who expects to launch a crowdfunding campaign, or purely interested in the maker/startup/tech community, join us this Saturday afternoon at Chaihuo x.factory!