Carrier board J202, Jetson Xavier NX and SSD... which keyboard to use?


I just bought a Jetson Xavier NX mounted on a J202 carrier board.

The seller added a SeeedStudio 128GB SSD before selling, the Xavier NX starts but get stuck on the BootManager/Setup screen and does not recognize my Apple’s USB keyboard.

WITHOUT the SSD the Xavier boots OK and the keyboard works OK.

Which type of keyboard should I use to be able to interact with the BootManager/Setup to finish the installation of this SSD ?

Thanks in advance.


It’s recommended to use a standard USB keyboard with a simple plug-and-play functionality. These keyboards usually have basic functionality without requiring additional drivers. You can try using a generic USB keyboard from a trusted brand to ensure compatibility.

If possible, you could also try using a wired USB keyboard instead of a wireless one, as wireless keyboards might have additional complexities during the boot process.

Thanks Seth

I have tried 2 different keyboard with no luck

So I continued to boot on eMMC but moved the rootfs to the SSD.
For a test config, this is enough for me.

When selecting a keyboard for your setup with the Carrier board J202 and Jetson Xavier NX, you have several options to consider. Here are a few factors to keep in mind while choosing a suitable keyboard:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the keyboard you choose is compatible with the Jetson Xavier NX and the Carrier board J202. Most keyboards are plug-and-play and should work fine, but it’s always good to double-check.
  2. Connectivity: The Carrier board J202 and Jetson Xavier NX typically support USB and Bluetooth connections. So, you can choose between a wired USB keyboard or a Bluetooth wireless keyboard based on your preferences and convenience.
  3. Form factor: Keyboards come in various form factors, including full-size, compact, or ergonomic designs. Choose one that fits your workspace and usage preferences.
  4. Layout: Check that the keyboard has a layout suitable for your region and language preferences.
  5. Additional features: Consider any additional features you might need, such as multimedia keys, function keys, backlighting, or programmable keys.
  6. Brand and Quality: Opt for a reputable brand to ensure quality and durability.

Based on these considerations, you can choose from popular keyboard brands like Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, or any other trusted manufacturer that offers keyboards compatible with Jetson Xavier NX and supports your desired connectivity method (USB or Bluetooth).