Car Door Actuator Sensors

I am looking to make a key card entry into a car, I know many people who shave the door handles on a stock car and look for different methods to open them, I was curious what others might think about that on here I was told it would probably require RFID modules and keytag, might also need an Arduino or other controller board to manage the reading and switch the relay of your car lock. I would probably run a single relay to the Drivers door, to the RFID, that would then send the power to a standard 30lb actuator. Any Ideas or thoughts. I would rather put something together than to buy a used set and try to make it work.


rfid doesn’t seem secure but it would be possible i guess. you could use relays for the door actuator when you get the proper signal from the rfid card. one thing to think about is the power source, you wouldn’t want it constantly draining your battery so you might think of a smaller batter and a solar panel with current limiting in it so it doesn’t over charge the battery. and then it could run all the time.

i have not personally hooked up an rfid reader to an arduino but i bet its not too difficult. just know that there are loads of people that make it their business to get into rfid secured doors. and when that door is on a car, it makes it more appealing.

but it would be a pretty neat use of an arduino though!

Yeah a lot depends on how secure you want the system. I know a few people in a car club that use just a reed switch, but they are show cars so there always around them.

you may or may not have seen this before but check it out. its an rx-8 with a computer in it and a web app that has ability to start and stop the engine, lock and unlock the doors and open the trunk. and some other stuff.

I guess I figured it would probably be as secure as most car alarms plus I figured if I could hide the reader inside the door, and just have the card in my wallet or something, then they may not even know to try. I have not seen the RX8 but I have seen some other cars with computers in them, I was also thinking that could be cool to do it from a pocket pc or something but that could be to involved. Ill just add onstar and call them everytime I want the doors to pop.