Car Application with Can-Bus Shield

Hi to all,
I’m new in this forum and this is my firs post :wink:
I’ve decided to open this thread to explain my project and ask at the community some information and help. Of course this thread can be useful to other people. Please be patient for my bad English because is not my native language :unamused:

The project:

  • Use a Can-Bus shield to interfacing OEM car steering wheel buttons and an aftermarket sound source unit.
    The car is an Audi A4 wagon model 2012 (but for now I need to use my Toyota Verso)
    The sound source unit is “Bewith MM-1D” (The particularity of this unit is that can be controlled only with his IR remote controller)

I think the right way is follow this step:

  1. Connect the shield to the “entertainment” Can-Bus line of the car
  2. Decode the digital can-bus code of single buttons of the steering wheel
  3. Decode the IR code of single buttons of the MM-1D remote controller
  4. Write a Sketch to read the can-bus code of the button pressed and send the right IR code

Point “1”: If I Understood right i need to connect the Can-Bus cables to the 9 Pin D-Sub connector of the Shield. Can_H to the pin 3, Can_L to the pin 5, Shield to pin 1 or 2 (or both).

Point “2”: I don’t know how to do that yet. Maybe with the example code of the can_bus library?

Point “3”and “4”: I’ve already realized an “IR decoder” based on some example of IR library, I can read IR code of remote controllers, send the code of other remote controllers and power on/off relay. I think I can use part of that Sketch to do the main part of the project.

Please feel free to send any comments or suggestion and be patient for my questions

nice project!!

I had wrote a demo about get data from obd of car, you can take a look and see if something can help: … BD_RECIPLE


Hello, I am new to this forum, I am from Rome, Italy.
I downloaded and tryed to compile the code but it not compile.
It give me the following errors:

cbs_reciple_data.cpp: In member function ‘void cbd_reciple_data::init()’:
cbs_reciple_data.cpp:40: error: ‘CAN’ was not declared in this scope
cbs_reciple_data.cpp:57: error: ‘CAN’ was not declared in this scope
cbs_reciple_data.cpp: In member function ‘void cbd_reciple_data::sendOrder()’:
cbs_reciple_data.cpp:77: error: ‘CAN’ was not declared in this scope

After this I put this line at the beginning of cbs_reciple_data.cpp

Now it compile this part of code but gave another error:

cbs_reciple_ui.cpp:23: error: ‘TouchScreen’ does not name a type
cbs_reciple_ui.cpp: In member function ‘unsigned char cbs_reciple_ui::get_anytouch()’:
cbs_reciple_ui.cpp:55: error: ‘Point’ was not declared in this scope
cbs_reciple_ui.cpp:55: error: expected `;’ before ‘p’
cbs_reciple_ui.cpp:56: error: ‘p’ was not declared in this scope
cbs_reciple_ui.cpp:56: error: ‘ts’ was not declared in this scope

Please I want to be sure the code is correct and checked prior to go forward.
Thanks and best regards