Can't upload to Seeeduino ADK Board

I’m having no luck uploading the Seeeduino ADK Demo sketch to my new Seeeduino ADK Board. I’m running Arduino 22 on a MacBook Pro, with system 10.7 (Lion). In the Arduino app, I’ve selected the Arduino Mega 2560 Board. The strange thing is that under the serial port selections there are only:


If I connect to an Arduino Uno, though, there’s those same ports, plus:


Any idea how can I make the tty.usbmodemfa131 available for the ADK Board?

It seems the microUSB connector’s problem :open_mouth: .
Please bend a bit the MicroUSB connector, and test.
And you can require a replacement to QC{at}
And we will send you a upgrade version Seeeduino ADK v1.0, It build with a stronger and better MicroUSB connector.


I tried bending and wiggling the micro USB connector, but was not able to get it to work. I’ll be contacting you directly to get a replacement board. Thanks.