Can't upload sketch


I’ve updated the LinkIt SDK to the 1.0.42 and the firmware of the LinkIt One.

Since then i’m unable to upload any code to the LinkIt One.

In VS 2013 via Visual Micro I get the error “The uploader returned an error” after the pushtool.exe gets called.

The arduino IDE keeps uploading the code.

The ports MTK USB Debug and Modem port are there.

Any suggestions? Or is there a way to see the actual problem?


Hi, does the older version of firmware 1.0.38 works fine?
I am using 1.0.42 as well, and it works fine with VS.

I’ve went to the steps below and got the board working again:

  1. Does the switches on the right side, (MS & USB)
  2. Choose the right COM Port(MTK USB DEBUG PORT)
  3. Update the firmware and try again
  4. Try another PC
  5. Try another USB cable

(Got them from support)