Can't upload programm to ESP32C3

Hello, I am facing multiple problems programming the ESP32C3. When I want to upload my code, either one or the other type of error ocurr.
A: It says “no upload port provided”, eventhough I have selected it before. It just seems do disconnect during the compiling/uploading process. Sometimes the “Tools”->“Port”-Text is even grayed out.
B: Most of the time is says “exit status 2: no serial data received” but yesterday I had a slightly new error message saying "Unable to verify flash chip cennection (no serial data received).

Also my Arduino IDE gets stuck all the time and is super slow. The code I am trying to upload just scans for BLE Devices, so it is not that complex.
When I take a new board it works once, but when I try to programm it the second time it fails. Does anyone have any advice? :see_no_evil:

I was reading something yesterday saying you can’t upload sketches to esp32 with an sd card attached…

Sd card…

it wasn’t specific to xiao products… and it doesn’t seem to make sence… but anyway just an idea.

I noticed I was having problems uploading to my round display with sd card attached…

I too was uploading the WiFi scan program and it seemed to upload correctly but no info coming back over serial monitor… I have not been able to test again without sd card to see if any different


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Hi Julie,
Perhaps the following link may be helpful for issue slow IDE
XIAO_ESP32C3 Serial.print() excution time depend on serial monitor ON/OFF - #5 by msfujino

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