Can't upload firmware to Rainbowduino

I’m struggling to upload the firmware to Rainbowduino.

I’ve tried with an Arduino UNO, following the instructions on the wiki, and I’ve tried using one of these -

The usb to serial cable definitely works because I can use it to program the arduino UNO successfully. And I don’t get why it wouldn’t work with the RD when connected in the same way.

The RD I have has an atmega328 so I set the ‘board’ option to Duemilanove or Nano with ATmega328. Is this correct? I’ve also tried all the other options that mention 328. Every time I get the avrdude - not in sync error.

Any ideas?

You can try like this.
1.Upload a blank sketch to Arduino Uno to disable Arduino Uno Serial Port.
void setup()
DDRB = 0;
DDRC = 0;
DDRD = 0;

void loop()

2.And connect as:

Rainbowduino <–> Arduin Uno
TX <–>TX
RX <–>RX
DTR<–>RESET Arduino Duemilanove or Nano with ATmega328 in Arduino IDE.
4.upload a sketch…

Good luck

Thanks Albert.

It works!