Cant update firmware of RHF76-052

Am using the code
mentioned here in seeed wiki. And following the steps as same, but output must be CCCCC . reality is different

Also update doesnt get started

Hi @piruthivirajan
The putty you haven’t connect successfully.
The problem maybe you don’t follow the wiki steps strictly.
Please pay attention to Step 2. Remove the board from USB and reconnect again, then press the DFU Button, after the Firmware mode led blinking you can go to the next step.
And open the device manager to see if the port is COM42.
If you connect successfully, you can see as below.

am follwing same steps as mentioned in wiki.
But as you @jiachenglu shared am not getting connected status.

And i have another doubt too…
what are the two serial comms must be begin ed?
between sam21 and RHF via?

Hi @piruthivirajan
Does the Firmware mode led blinking? This is an orange light slowly flashing.
Can you open the Arduino IDE take a picture of the code you upload?
It is RHF to communicate with the putty, and then you can send the firmware from putty to RHF.

Hi @jiachenglu
Found it… thanks…
Mistake is not done by me and followed wiki steps.
The mistake is library change in SAMD21…

Now another thing happening. Its able to communicate but its not stopping

Hi @piruthivirajan
It will take some time to finish the transfer, please be patient waiting to finish it.

Waited for around 1 hour but still it didnt stopped.
am i missing any tiny point step?