Can't see the cursors

Hi, just got my first DSO Nano, it’s a V1 from what I can tell from the forum so far. The only problem I’ve had is that I can’t see the cursors at all, they are completely absent. If I try to move them the measurement numbers change but you have no idea where they are! I’ve tried changing the firmware and have the same problem with all of the firmware upgrades I tried except for Paul. On Paul I can see the cursors fine but they don’t seem to measure correctly. Anyone ever seen this before or have any ideas on how to fix it?

I’m really hoping somebody has some info on this problem. I’m not sure if I messed up something changing the firmware, if my Nano was damaged during shipping, or if I just wasted $80. Maybe I just don’t know how to use the cursors? Is there any way to change the color of the cursor lines? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

where and when did you bought your DSO Nano V1? maybe the only way out is to replace a new one from your seller of this Nano V1