Can't query version number of MR60BHA1

I want to update this sensor’s firmware via UART and the wiki says that " 1. Make sure your radar firmware version is at least version G60SM1SYv010003 before using the UART to upgrade the firmware, otherwise it may disable the radar, at which point you’ll have to use J-link to burn the firmware to use it!" and i don’t have a J-link. I do exactly what the guidance write. I send the command 0x53 0x59 0x02 0xA4 0x00 0x01 0x0F 0x62 0x54 0x43 to Radar and nothing happen. I don’t receive a message like G60SM1SYv010009. How can i query the version number of radar or at least tell me how i can update firmware via uart without knowing the version number and my radar is not diabled.

Do you have the option to disable Hex display in the serial assistant? Disabling Hex display might allow you to see data similar to ‘G60SM1SYv010003’. Otherwise, it will only return data frames in HEX format.

I know it. It allows me to see at ASCII display but nothing like G60SM1SYv010003 appears.

Hi there,
Can you show a picture of the setup and the OUTPUT you get now?
DO you try the PC software? does that work?
What about generic Serial port connection ?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

also why are you updating the firmware?