Can't install Dfuse driver on windows xp spanish

Hello, sorry for my bad english, I wonder if someone could help me install Dfuse On windows xp spanish language. Every time i try to install it i get a message in spanish kind of like this “the driver manger does not support the language, contact your program provider” I want to install Paul’s firmware on my dso nano, please help me with this, tahnk you very much :smiley:

Sorry but Dfuse is provided by ST: … /13379.htm

Hope it helps somehow…

I had exactly the same problem (Windows XP German). However, I just tried to reinstall the software and the USB driver. After some attempts, it surprisingly worked. I’m not sure what the problem actually was, but now I can upload firmwares. I still got some problems with the firmwares (some don’t work), but I don’t know if this has anything to do with this strange USB driver problem. I hope you’ll make it!