Can't get LED Strip Driver to work...

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use the Grove LED Strip Driver with a Seeeduino v4.2.

I uploaded the example single strip color sketch just fine, and even added some debugging to make sure it was looping properly.

However, the LED strip driver doesn’t seem to be responding. The LEDs just stay on full on all 3 colors.

So far I have tried using both I2C Grove ports on the Seeeduino, and changed the pins listed in the sketch to 4 for Data, and 5 for Clock.

Am I doing something insanely wrong to make this work? There is very little help or documentation other than the example sketch.


Figured it out.

The LED Strip Driver is NOT an I2C device, even though that’s not really explained out.

Once I saw the code was bit banging out on the digital pins specified, I just wired it up to those pins. Shame that the Seeeduino doesn’t have a digital grove connector, or that there isn’t an addressable I2C LED Driver.

Hi there~,

It is not I2C interface, includes 4 pins, GND, VCC, DIO, CLK. We can connect DIO and CLK to any digital pin. You can define different pins as below. thanks.

</s>#include "RGBdriver.h" #define CLK 2//pins definitions for the driver #define DIO 3 RGBdriver Driver(CLK,DIO);<e>