Cant format internal memory


After some firmware testing I managed to get the 2MB Drive garbled.
I can normal boot into DFU, but if I boot the device normally it says “parameter record not found” while booting and it is not possible to save a new parameter set. When I connect the device to the PC, Windows says that the disk is not formatted. I tried to format it, but windows says “Cant finish formatting”. With linux I downloaded from … g_Firmware and wrote it to the disk, but no luck.

HW 2.72
FPGA 261
SYS 152

Does someone have an Idea how I can get it working again?

Best regards

Is your DSO made by seeed, or is it a clone? (The ones made by seeed have “seeedstudio” logo on the back cover.)

It seems that there are some clones with 8MB flash memory of different type than the original DSO Quad. They require a special SYS revision, the normal .HEX files do not work.

Ohh, then it must be a clone.
I have managed to get the special SYS revision for the 8MB flash, and it is now working again.

Thanks a lot for your help!


Can you post details of where you got the special SYS? Also if you have the 8M flash does it show up as a 8M disc?

My DSO203 (a metal case version) references on the back rather than Seedstudio but disc is 2Mbyte.

For what it is worth, one helpful person was able to obtain the source code for the 8M version and sent it to me: … ources.rar

It contains this file which might or might not be the SYS for 8M version, I don’t have such a device myself so cannot try it:

Thanks for the link to that. I’ll look into that.

Do you know if there is any way to tell if one has a 8M flash system?

Well… it will show up as 8M on the computer. And most third-party programs will be unable to save anything.

The Flash shows up as 8MB in explorer.

I found the SYS-Version on … ad&aid=895

Thanks. My DSO203 is a minidso version but shows up as 2MB so I have the standard flash.

DSO203 have 2M and 8M Flash version.
8M Flash version need to update to the latest SYS and App

My current scope is 2MB, but if I get another and it is 8MB do you know whether that will run the community software app OK? That uses a different sys and I haven’t seen anything to say there is a 8MB compatible version of that.

It is very likely that it will not. The sector size has been increased from 512 bytes to 4kB, which has caused a few changes on the application side as well.

Too bad that the developers of the DSO Quad do not interact with the community - it would have been a trivial matter to preserve the API given to applications. In fact, I could do that in AlterBIOS, but I’m afraid it would break the official APP…