Can't follow Bluetooth Usage tutorial with Xiao nRF52840 Sense

I’m trying to follow the Bluetooth Usage tutorial for the Xiao nRF5240 Sense. I’ve added the Seeeduino boards package to the additional boards manager in preferences, and downloaded the ArduinoBLE library through the Arduino Library Manager. When I look for the Adafruit_Bluefruit_nRF52 Libraries under File > Examples it doesn’t come up. I have tried searching for this library in the Library Manager, but it doesn’t come up. It looks like the tutorial also suggests directly including the .zip file of the library, but I don’t see a link to download the library on the tutorial page.

I am using The Arduino IDE version 2.0.0

Hello, it is possible that our tutorials are not detailed enough to cause you any confusion. Once you have downloaded the zip file, you will need to add the zip to the library folder in Arduino to find the code in the examples. You can add the zip file to the Arduino by referring to the image below.