Can't connect to a newly deployed server

Hey guys!

I’ve followed the steps in your github repo.

I’ve created an EC2 Ubuntu instance in AWS and I was able to create a user via CURL correctly.

I logged out of my current account in the international servers and selected custom for the new connection.
Added my EC2 IP and logged in with the newly created user in my server.

So far so good. :slight_smile:

Now when I try to setup a new WIO in the app, I just get an error after configuring the WIFI (Note that I was able to configure it previously to the international server without problems)

FindNodeInServer:setup canceled or time out!

Any ideas on how can I fix this? I haven’t been able to find any answer for this.



Are u using the iOS app? That error is thrown when the app cant find the existence of the newly added wio or the app cant connect to the server. It seems your app does connect to the server because you successfully created your account and logged into the server. So the problem happens in the Wio configuration procedure. What’s the status of the blue led after configuration? ( … tatus-leds)