Can't connect any new device to app


I ordered the Wio Link as well as the Wio Node with a few sensors to play around with.

Sadly I’m running into issues right at the start when trying to connect any one of them to the app

  • Galaxy S9+ / Android version 9
  • App Version 2.3.7 (same results with 2.3.0 and 2.3.6)

  • Login to the app is successful (Server Global -
  • Klicking on “Add your first device” or "+"promts me to set the Link/Node into Setup Mode which works fine with both devices.
  • Clicking “next” puts me directly into the “Step 1” Connect to Wi-Fi Network screen.
  • The Wio device does not show up in that list. It does show up when looking manually for networks though.
  • When I select any Network and connect to it, the app crashed and/or resets to the “setup your wio link” screen instantly.
  • at no point do I get into any screen where I am asked to connect to the Wio device as is shown in most videos/screenshots here. It feels like the app is skipping that part?
  • there is currently no way for me to get past the “Connect to Wi-Fi Network” screen. Tested with multiple networks in multiple locations. 2.5Ghz as well as 5Ghz.




I was able to add both Link and Node using an older android 7 phone without any problems. The devices now show up on my s9+ as well.

So there seems to be some issues with Android 9.

Android 9 indeed gives me the same issue. Older phone gets further but fails at syncing the password to the device. Get disconnected from phone network, Error Code 1042.