Cannot update seeedstudio-mmwave-kit-3f9d28 through phone add on in home assistant

I’ve tried googling and posting on the purchase page but no luck. I am new to this type of product and home assistant but can get around with the right info. This is the output I get;

INFO ESPHome 2023.11.6
INFO Reading configuration /config/esphome/seeedstudio-mmwave-kit-3f9d28.yaml…
Failed config

esphome: None
name: seeedstudio-mmwave-kit-3f9d28
friendly_name: SeeedStudio Presense
name_add_mac_suffix: False
name: seeedstudio.mmwave_kit
version: 1.1
board_build.flash_mode: dio
board_build.mcu: esp32c3

Could not find file '/config/esphome/../headers/mr24hpc1_mmwave_kit.h'. Please make sure it exists (full path: /config/headers/mr24hpc1_mmwave_kit.h).
- ../headers/mr24hpc1_mmwave_kit.h

build_path: build/seeedstudio-mmwave-kit-3f9d28