Cannot see anything in Serial Monitor

Hi all,
Getting Started with WIO terminal, but having some issues.
I cannot see any serial information being passed to the Serial monitor.
I’m using a mac, and the Arduino IDE.
I can upload a sketch, so I know I have the right port, but if I connect the serial monitor I never get any data through. I’m trying to connect over the USB, and using 115200 and the port is called usbmodem14201.
Can anybody suggest how to proceed?

Can you provide a detailed code?

Try including this in a sketch…

void setup() {
while(!Serial); // Wait for Serial to be ready
Serial.println("Testing 1,2,3");

Also, WHEN you start the serial monitor matters. If in doubt, once the code in your Terminal, close any open serial monitor windows. Reset the Terminal… once quick flick fully down (then release) of the On/off/reset button on the side of the Terminal. THEN restart serial monitor.

Oh! A simple “gotcha”… if you have…


…in your code (which is reasonable)… be sure your serial monitor is set to the same baud rate. (Lower right corner of serial monitor.)

Oh heck… STOP PRESS!!!.. Unintended consequences!

Suppose you start the Wio Terminal with it NOT connected to a bigger PC, not connected to the IDE, and no way to connect to a serial monitor is available? It will be stuck in the While loop forever, and look “broken”. Oops.

Sorry for the bad idea.