Cannot Read Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (High-Accu)


I am trying and trying to get the example sketch working on an Arduino Yun with a Grove Base Shield v1.2 for the Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor (High-Accuracy & Mini) sensor. I have tried the sketch on the Wiki - … cy_%26Mini_v1.0

But all I get are readings of -50 for Temp and -24 for Humidity, which are the base values for the calculations for the TH02.ino library … that is, the sensor values are not getting picked up and plugged into the calculation.

Can you point me at a working example for this sketch? I have tried every I2C port on the Grove Base Shield, it just doesnt seem to pick it up. I noticed that you helped out a Raspberry Pi user with this, so it would be great if you could help with an update / working example for Arduino. Thanks.


If you are using Grove Base shield v1.2 connect to A4,A5 port and let us know if it works.

Can you please post a picture of your setup so that we could help you resolving the issue.

Thanks and regards.

Thanks. Yes I had tried all ports. I tried again, same results. Attached are some pics.

Also I checked the TH02 library files and one of the variables is called ‘humility’ instead of ‘humidity’. It doesn’t effect the library though as it is a local variable.

I tried to attach the actual sketch here too, but the forum is not allowing the ‘.ino’ extension for upload.


We tested it in our environment it worked perfectly.

Can you make the following connections using a jumper directly from the Arduino board without using the base shield v1.2 to the grove sensor.
Arduino Grove Temperature and humidity sensor(High accuracy and mini)

5v | VCC
A4 | SDA
A5 | SCL

and let us know if the same issue occurs again.

Yes, I get the same results when I remove the Grove Base Shield and just use jumper wires from the sensor wires to the YUN inputs (A4, A5, GND, 5V)…


The I2C in Yun is on D2 and D3:

TWI: 2 (SDA) and 3 (SCL). Support TWI communication using the Wire library.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please use these port pins instead for checking with jumper wires.

Base Shield v1.2 does not support I2C on Yun. The latest revision v2.0 supports.

Thanks and Warm Regards

OK, thanks. I have a number of version 2 shields on order. I will try that when one arrives as my ultimate solution needs to be Grove based. I will post again once one gets here and I have had a chance to test it. Thanks again, I really appreciate the information.

OK, I received a version 2 Grove Base Shield today, and I am receiving the same results.

So, I am assuming it should go one of the I2C ports on the Grove Base Shield v2. Is that correct? Thanks again.

Scratch that … I had ordered a Version 2 Grove Base Shield from a local supplier (Little Bird) but it turns out that board is a v1.3b :frowning: … I will need to now wait for the shields I ordered directly from Seeeed.

You can also connect arduino YUN to the temperature and humidity sensor directly with jumper wires without base shield and test.
YUN | TH02 Sensor

D2 =>SDA
D3 =>SCL


OK, I received a replacement Grove Base Shield v2 today, and I can confirm that the I2C Temperature and Humidity Sensor works just fine :smiley: As does the Grove OLED Screen. Thanks.