Cannot print blank spaces on LCD

Hi, I’m trying to write value to the LCD from a sensor, the new value is written over the number that was there before making the whole thing a mess. I tried to print blank spaces but it doesn’t work, also tried changing text colour but no success.

I have enclosed a test code, what am I doing wrong?

#include"TFT_eSPI.h" //include TFT LCD library

TFT_eSPI tft; //initialize TFT LCD

void setup() {
tft.begin(); //start TFT LCD
tft.setRotation(3); //set screen rotation
tft.fillScreen(TFT_WHITE); //fill background
tft.setTextColor(TFT_BLACK); //set text color

tft.setTextSize(2); //set text size

void loop() {
tft.drawString(“TEST”, 100, 100); //draw text string
tft.drawString(" ", 100, 100); //draw text string

The “trick” is to “blot out” what you were trying to erase with spaces by drawing a filled rectangle over the top of the text to be erased… (The example was drawn on a screen that had been filled with BLUE before the following was done, over and over, in loop(). Once you have the rectangle properly positioned, you would change the the TFT_CYAN to TFT_BLUE

if (digitalRead(WIO_KEY_B) == LOW) {
tft.drawString(“Middle key pressed”, 25, 140);}
else {