Cannot pair with BLE Bee

Hardware : Stalker v2.3+UartSBee v4+BLE Bee (HM-11 module)

I must be missing something obvious. I can send AT commands to the BLE bee when mounted on the UartSBee. I get answers that make sense. One command that does not work is AT+CONNmacAddress (no answer, no timeout)

However I cannot see the bee on my various bluetooth devices. I tried with my computer and a BT 4.0 dongle (its LMP reads as 6 which seems to be right) and with my iPhone 5c (also supposedly BT 4.0 compliant).

What setup is necessary for the BLE bee to become visible?

This BLE bee only can be visible and connected via the BLE_apk (you can download it from the wiki) , but you can’t search it from setting on your phone or PC.