Cannot install xiao rp2040 json file to Arduino board manager

I am totally new to this community and just wanted to say thanks in advance for any help.

I recently bought a seeed xiao rp2040 and I am trying to install the json file in the Arduino ide board manager. Every time I try to install the file I get a crc doesn’t match error. I have read everything I think that I could to resolve this problem but I just cant figure it out. Maybe someone can give me some advice.

You are not doing anything wrong. The server is borked for the latest version, 2.7.2, and has been for some time.

Just tell the Board Manager to install version 1.12.0

It works for me.



Footnote: I think that the hardest job in the world is in IT for servers like this. No one appreciates you, personally, when things work out OK, and every one absolutely hates you, personally, when things go wrong. Sometimes they even accuse of not testing this stuff when you put up new versions.

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Thanks for taking your time out to help me. At least I know it is nothing I am doing wrong. I installed version 1.12.0 and that loaded fine. I don’t see the new version yet, but I will keep an eye out for it.

That was a mistake when I said that there is a later version. I removed that paragraph from my post.

Sorry if it confused you.

Happy coding!



No problem thanks again

I confirm: 2.7.2 fails but 1.12.0 works.

Could Seeed fix that issue, please?

We have uploaded the correct onboard file to the server, but it still reports CRC checksum error when downloading from Arduino. Both R&D and Cloud Center are working hard to identify the problem, please wait. At this time, it is recommended to use a version lower than version 2.7.2 to download and use, thank you.

Up to release 1.12.0, the RP2040 board package was based on the excellent work by Earle F. Philhower built on top of the official Raspberry Pi SDK.

Does the new version 2.7.2 rely on the arduino-pico board package?

As I wrote on my website,

However, I’ve faced two issues with release 2.1.0:

So the 2.7.2 version would be a very severe regression over the 1.12.0 version.

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I am also still having this issue as of now

Version 2.7.2 only fixes the compatibility problem between XIAO RP2040 and XIAO expansion board, it is still in testing stage, we suggest you use version 1.12.0 first.