Cannot install board manager version 1.8.2 for Xiao

Just got my first Xiao and tried to install version 1.8.2 in the Arduino IDE using the board manager and the link provided here in the wiki and the seeduino home page, and get this error.

If I try version 1.8.1 it installs OK. Why does 1.8.2 not work, and is it a problem just using 1.8.1?

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I can confirm that I get the same error message when attempting to install the latest board manager for SEEED SamD boards.

I need it for a different board, which is the WIO LTE V1.3;
I tried installing the earlier version 1.8.1 however I have checked and confirmed that the earlier version does not have a board called “WIO LTE” as documented in the wiki.
while does it include the Seeed Xiao board as the earlier person asked (so it might work for them, but not for me).