Cannot flash J401 orin NX

Hi ,
i am unable to flash the J4012 NX orin board.
The board is in recovery mode, and both sdkmanager and the guide on your wiki fails.
I noticed other users had the same problems.
Where you able to address this ?

could you please share a screenshot of the output from your lsusb command?
Also, Can you double check that the Type-C cable you are using is for data transfer?
If there are any error messages during the flashing process, please feel free to share those as well. It will help troubleshoot any potential issues.

The lsusb commands outputs:
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 0955:7323 NVIDIA Corp. APX

When i use the Sdk-manager, the terminal reads" waiting to device to boot-up" and it never boots up.

Same thing when i try it manually using the instructions on your wiki.


Could you please provide the full logs information? More complete information will help us better understand the issue and try to resolve it.

Indeed i was trying to flash the jetpack 6.
The older versions work correctly.
Do you have any plans to release a Jetpack 6 flashing guide ?

I’m sorry to inform you that this plan is still in its early stages. If there is a tutorial for flashing JP6, we will notify everyone on the Weekly Wiki as soon as possible.