Cannot erase the Wi-Fi core

I have followed instruction to reset the Wi-Fi core:

I have tried both Windows GUI image tools and CLI but it stucks at the following prompt indefinitely:
COM3 is open successfully!
Flash erase is processing…

The erase operation was never completed.

Actually, it takes a while. How long have you waited?

It takes more than an hour

Try some more ? @garymok

It has been 3 hours already. Is it really normal?

Not quite normal, you can check whether the USB to serial port is correct.Or replace a USB cable.

I have tried another computer with the original USB cable. It still does not work.

Can you make a video of what you’re doing? Let me check it for you.

@garymok Can you try the CLI version instead of the GUI, It’s works straightaway for me!

Sorry guys, the Arduino program for enabling the Serial connection from SAMD51 to RTL8720 was not loaded properly at the very beginning. That’s why it did not work. It is okay now.

Great, Glad to know it’s working.