CANBUS V2 - Car freaks out on any connection

So, I’m trying to connect to my car’s CAN-BUS (via the OBD2). I initially ordered a cheep shield then an even cheaper module to provide connection between my uno and the car.

Using the module I was able to use some of the example libraries to successfully connect to the car and even get some IDs out. There was no data alongside the IDs so I figured my module needed upgrading.

I bought the V2 CANBUS shield and used the libraries. At first I had the CANH and CANL connected into the car before starting it but that seems to have overwhelmed the car and I couldn’t start it, it behaved as if the battery was dead. Eventually when it recovered I tried again, this time the car was already running. Havig the CANL&H connected and the shield attached to the arduino and using the “gpioRead” example sketch, when I provided power to the Arduino via the USB port the car started freaking out. The dials went crazy and started moving left to right and all sorts of warning messages started appearing on the dash - “check airbag”, “engine motion something…” Disconnecting the shield from the car stops the freaking out and removes the errors displayed.

Any idea what’s going on ?

Also should any of these be soldered to each other as the manual suggests there’s some cutting and soldering there but I haven’t cut nor soldered anything and this is how the shield arrived.

Worth pointing out that I tried connecting to both Pin6 as the proper CANH and also Pin1 as that one was discovered to also provide CANBUS data for the cabin. Here’s the obd2 diagram pinout (www.pinoutguideDOTcom/CarElectronics/opel_obd2_diag_pinout.shtml) for my car.

Use with caution on board and we recommend professional guidance.