Can you have two grove bme280 on the same I2C bus?

The Grove BME280 board allows you to change the I2C address so you could have two grove BME280 on the same I2C bus BUT the Grove_BME280 ArduPy Library doesn’t allow you to set the I2C address, therefore you can’t address the two different Grove_BME280.
Please explain.
Thanks for your help

Yes, you can do that. when you are using two BME280 I2C Device on the same bus, you can use different I2C address. The default address for Grove BME280 the board is 0x76 (right-two pads are connected). If you want to use the address 0x77 , connect only the left two (disconnect right two) by soldering.


Hello Salman
Thanks for taking the time to reply to my question. I am aware that you can change the I2C address on the Grove BME280 hardware.
The question is how do you change the I2C address in the software? The Ardupy Grove BME280 Library does not allow you to change the I2C.
Any thoughts?

I know there are i2c address conflicts when multiple devices are needed to use an i2c interface at the same time. But we prefer to use the hardware address selection hard pin to modify the I2C address rather than by software.

@Baozhu he is looking for the I2C address selection on the ArduPy Library since if we change the address on h/w we also need to point it on the firmware to get the data right?

In case there remain conflicts of I²C addresses, the TCA9548A 1-to-8 I²C multiplexer provides an elegant solution. It also acts as a logic level adapter.

Seeed already has this Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub board and the related [Wiki] Grove - 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub (TCA9548A).