Can XIAO BLE output a negative voltage to power an op-amp IC

Hi all,

I am trying to use the XIAO BLE to power an op-amp IC that requires +V and -V voltages. Is the micro able to do that by itself or will I have to get an external charge pump inverter?

Hello NoahD,
No negative voltage can be generated AFAIK. What opamp? Single ended or double?
You intend to drive with the PWM output or I2S from Xiao ? Sounds cool.
GL :slight_smile: PJ


I realized that I made a mistake in my design. I reread the datasheet and V- is just ground for a single supply operation.

I’m making an amplifier that will amplify the output of a load cell (in mV). Planning on using the LMV324A since it can be powered with 3.3V from the XIAO.