Can USB-CAN Analyzer SKU 114991193 be programmed from C/C++ ?


I’d like to know if it is possible to use the USB-CAN Analyzer to receive/send CAN frames from a C/C++ program developed in a PC.

If possible:

  1. What are the APIs, SDKs or libraries to be used?
  2. and what operating systems? Windows? Linux? Both?

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You can find the docs related to Seeed USB-CAN Analyzer here


Thanks for your reply, but in the documents you mention I can only see descriptions about how to use USBCAN software, not about developing/programming my own software using the USB-CAN Analyzer device.

We need to integrate some custom electronics boards (which include a CAN connection) to an existing software developed in my company, programmed in C++, in order to do that I am searching for a USB to CAN device which can be controlled (programmed) by ourselves, i.e. we need to add CAN communications to an existing software.

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We did manage to integrate this into a C# program but we’ve found that CAN baud rate change commands which worked with hardware V7.1 do not work with V8.0.

Is there different documentation available for V8.0?