Can the xiao sense cam be used for AR?

for this project i would need this camera to be able to overlay AR objects in the camera stream. May I ask if its possible with this camera? Also, since I’m just starting out with AR, may I ask how this may work?

Hi there,
AFAIK, the stream could be captured, ARe you trying to do something like this Tutorial here
# Augmented Reality Tutorial: Multiple Camera Setup for Screenshot and Video Recording
and use it as a second camera ?
You would need to get more info on what type of stream . video, data, HDMI ?
GL :slight_smile: PJ

lemme explain a bit. So i want the camera to be in a human model to see a human POV of a physical scaled space overlaid with ar objects, like it could see the qr code or some sort of anchor on the physical model and show the ar on the laptop stream

I reallllllly hope its possible

Hi there, Ok I see what you want,
It’s raw data or a video stream AFAIK. Your ar data would be a filter, Like the ears on Tic_Tok
or Logitech effects with its web cam, needing the combined and filters data. It’s a real camera sensor so should be if you got the code chops to do it. Probably already on GitHub.
Look around , I have seen some demo code out there it’s mapping video or something like that for AR or VR.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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