Can the XIAO ESP32C3 battery management handle LiFePO4?

I think about using the XIAO ESP32C3 for a measurement sensor and would like to attach a LiFePO4 battery to it ( ).
Can the integrated battery management system handle LiFePO4 batteries as well, or is it meant to be used with LiPo batteries only?
Do I need to keep something in mind if I attach a LiFePO4 battery?
If everything works with the LiFePO4 battery, then I should be able to use the USB-C connector for charging, right?

Thank you for your time and ansers.

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Does someone have any idea what kind of battery management system is used? I looked at the FCC images and could not figure it out and the ESP32C3 datasheet shows no integrated BMS, so I assume it must be a separate controller?
If I knew that, I could look up the charging voltage.

XIAO_ESP32C3 uses a charge controller that I believe is MCP73831. Please check the datasheet. Also, the following link may be helpful.

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Thank you for your reply, that was very helpful!

I looked the MCP73831 up and found this document which describes the different BMS on page 6 and lists the MCP73123 as specifically designed for LiFePO4 unlike the MCP73831.

This document ( ) shows that the charging voltage for the MCP73123 is 3.6V, so I assume the 4.2V in the XIAO ESP32C3 would be too much.