Can the WIO terminal connect to a meshed wifi network with multiple access points?

We have problems connecting to a network with “smart-connect” (2.4G &5G) and multiple access points. Single-point Wi-Fi is no problem, and we have verified that password is also not the issue. Any points on why this might not work, if it is supported, or how to debug it would be very much appreciated.


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So does this use a single SID? for both and is the default 5GHz?
Do you know what router?
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Yes its the same SSID. We actually disabled the 5GHz to experiment and it still doesn’t connect to the router. But we have multiple routers with the same network name and pw. Could this cause a problem?

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Ok that’s telling a little. The Terminal will connect to a single AP or even a Mobile with the AP turned on? Sounds like it’s the Security then that is flopping. WPA, WEP2 ? Look at that, one a phone it’s only WEP2 AFAIK. Also some devices remember the Creds or last connection info.
You tell your mobile to “forget” the network to clear it. The Terminal may have a similar quirk.

I would connect to one AP with no security for a test be sure it connects, and then use another AP2 far away(lower RSSI) set the same as AP1. walk the terminal to it and power off the AP1 see if it will connect to AP2 without issue. If so.
Then it’s Security setting. Reverse the test and if it connects ok , the terminal software is NOT the issue.
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Your close , you’ll get it. :v: