Can the SD card Shield use in the way describe below

Hello All,

I have bought your SD Card Shield V4 with a memory card and it works very well. Please the link below. … -1381.html

I have a question regarding the Grove interface above the card (SDA, SCL, 5V, GND) and the (RX,TX, 5V, GND).

  1. Could please tell me where can I buy the cable connector that will be suitable for those two interfaces?

  2. Can I read the data written in the SD card memory using the (SDA, SCL, 5V, GND) interface with another Arduino board than the one use to write in the SD card memory?

If Yes does anybody has an example code?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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Hi Christian,

1.There are so many grove connectors available in our depot.Please buy it from thislink.

2.Yes,two arduino’s can communicate through I2C.

I don’t have a readymade solution but you could write code to serve your purpose with the help of the following examples.

(i)I2C communication between two arduino’s

(ii)Using the SD library to read and write to a file on a SD card.

Thank you

Hello Kavi,

Thank you very much for your email.
I know how to get two Arduino to communicate with IIC.

My question was rather can two Arduino shares the same SD card Shield Memory?
One Arduino writing into the SD card shield memory using the SD card Chip Select with the SPI Interface.
The other Arduino reading from the SD card Memory using the Grove IIC interface?

In other words, can the SD card Shield be used as a FIFO between two Arduino UNO?

I saw that a file can be opened in read and write mode.

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