Can the Grove - Water Atomization board drive multiple piezo disks?


I’m doing research for an aeroponics project and I think the Grove Water Atomization board might be very fitting to my needs. I need to drive multiple piezo actuators. Would this be possible to do using only one board and perhaps some kind of amplifier?

The documentation of the board includes only the schematics, for which I don’t have the electronics understanding to comprehend. How would the change in capacitance from connecting multiple actuators in series/parallel affect the frequency of the circuit? Would I need an additional source of energy to drive multiple actuators?

This Atomization board alone cannot do anything. You have to connect it with an Arduino/Raspberry Pi. Your actuators must be driven by your Arduino. You can see the wiki page for a better understanding: Grove - Water Atomization - Seeed Wiki

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I understand that I need an MCU to run this. If I understand correctly, the board takes a signal from the MCU and transforms it into AC voltage at the resonant frequency of the piezo disk (~105kHz). Again, if my understanding is correct, the frequency an RLC circuit depends on the capacitance of the capacitor, which in this case is the piezo disk.

My question is is this board some sort of self resonating circuit? Will adding more capacitors in the form of piezo disks affect the frequency and take it away from the resonant frequency of the disks?

Also, do I need some form of amplifier or external power supply to drive multiple disks?

There is no need for such a complicated operation, you just need to make sure that the module is operating at 5V. A normal Arduino will also have a number of GPIO ports available on it, and it is possible to use multiple atomisers at the same time.

Citric is right. You can also see this Hackstar IO video for more details: DIY Humidifier - Grove Water Atomization -