Can TFT Shield 2.0 be used with 3.3V device like Teensy 3.1?

I have the lovely TFT Touch Shield 2.0, and I’d like to use it with the Teensy 3.1 ARM chip, is a 3.3V device. Is this possible? Would I have to make any changes to the shield to make it work? The box says it uses ST28017 chip, while the website says it has a ILI9341. I can’t find any reference on the ST28017 to tell if they are compatible. The schematic seems to indicate many voltage regulators, but doesn’t really show the display driver chip, that I can tell.

Will it work with the normal TFT library?

I don’t want to destroy either part, so any guidance on using this shield in a 3.3V environment would be greatly appreciated.

– Tim –
SoftEgg LLC


The specification mentioned in wiki clarifies your questions(It uses ILI9341). It requires 5V to operate and internal LDO supplies suitable voltages to LCD/Driver.

The 74V*125 buffer takes care of voltage level translation. This board is designed to be compatible with Arduino as shields. We have not tested this with Teensy 3.1; Hence, could not make any recommendation.

Thanks and Warm Regards.