Can´t save images

i have this 2 micro sd, but i can´t save images in them. i formatted in FAT and FAT32, then i put in the dso and start, go to save img or xls but not save. What failure?


How are you trying to save?
You need to hold the OK button down for a few seconds.



Format your SD card in FAT16 or FAT32(not NTFS). Open DSO, go to “FI” and select “Save Img”. Press on the button B and to look in bottom on the right of the screen of Nano, the name of the image to be safeguarded gradually becomes red.

It is impossible to view this image “BMP” on your Nano, it should be transferred on your computer. To connect your Nano on your computer via the USB port and when your Nano is recognized, you will have 3 file " BUFFER, IMAGE, PROFILES”. Your image “BMP” are in the file “IMAGE”, “XML” in the file “BUFFER”, and the “CFG” in the file “PROFILE”.

Good luck!

that was my problem, just press the ok, not hold the OK button down for a few second. thanks very muchh, and have another question, i see in the x axis a line blue a line green and the 2 cursors, blue is ground, but green? what does it means?


Green, it is the “Trigger”, in the menu on the right of the screen go with “TR” and press OK.
Sorry, I speak French and I use a translator then it would be difficult for me to explain you what is the trigger. I will let the experts on this forum explain it to you.