Can Shield 2.0 connection problem with my car

Hi all,

after playing with an arduino uno i want to read out the can messages from my car. I bought the Can-Shield 2.0 and a db9 to odb2 cable.


I used the seeduino library and the example codes and the serial monitor says that the init was successful.

After starting my car I don’t see andy messages in the serial monitor.

I searched a lot about my problem and I found out, that if I want to connect the shield to an existing can than I have to cut the p1 section on the back. Was that right?

I hope that anybody can help me.

When connecting to en existing bus (like in a car) the cut the p1 (make sure it is cut)!
Next is the bit rate and the the MCP Mhz set up - can be tricky to find the right combo.
My car is an old Jeep (2006) and it is 83K3bps and 16MHz with the V2 board!
Still I only manage to read, no transmission yet!

ow, such a thing may destroy your car and it will be suitable for a scrap only

I think that the problem can be solved by reprogramming the multimedia system. In any case, please do not rush to sell it because this problem is entirely solvable. Many people strive to sell their cars because of any situation, and I do not understand these people. I decided to get rid of my car when various parts started to break down. I realized that repairing a damaged car would be very expensive and decided to sell it for scraping. Scrapi offered to scrap my car for cash. It was such an advantageous offer that I could not refuse.