Can seeed xiao nrf52840 BLE act as master or slave to another seeed BLE device

I want to connect 6 seeed XIAO nrf52840 BLE devices as slaves to another master device which is also the same seeed XIAO BLE? Is it possible to for seed XIAO BLE to act as slave or master and if so , can 6 be connected? Is there any information available on this and how to connect seeed BLE in various modes

Hello, XIAO BLE can only be used as a slave to be searched and connected by the host. xiao BLE currently does not support searching and connecting to other devices. As for the six devices, at the moment, in my experience, it seems that the computer can’t connect so many Bluetooth devices of the same type at the same time.

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Thanks for your reply. I have another question, Can I use other nrf52840 modules such as Arduino Nano BLE to be a master and connect to multiple XIAO BLE modules as slaves?

Of course you can.
The support and routines for the Arduino Nano BLE are quite extensive.

Hi Lurking and trying to get some understanding ,would you know if it’s possible to connect (6)
Xiao nrf52480 BLE Sense boards to This ESP32-C3 BLE as the “Master” ie. this from Espresiff FAQ :wink:

Does ESP32-C3 BLE support master and slave mode at the same time? What is the number of connections in master mode and slave mode?

IDF: release/v4.3, master

  • ESP32-C3 supports master and slave mode at the same time, which share 8 connections. For example, if ESP32-C3 connects to 4 slave devices, it can be connected by 8 - 4 = 4 master devices.
  • In addition, when ESP32-C3 is used as a slave, it can be connected by 8 master devices; when used as a master, it can connect to 8 slave devices.

FYI, What I have is a working battery powered Xaio NRF52480 BLE sense connected to an LED and Solenoid I’m able to connect to with a MIT App inventor APP via Bluetooth and turn them on and off and read their state with Android phone. Works great does the job.

I want to connect a Master ESP32-C3 BLE to 6 of these and monitor their solenoid’s and LED’s
sending # slaves connected and gathered status data to the Android app.

I sucked at art so that’s why I’m here LOL… Kinda like this setup.

3---->| ----> EXP32c (parses key datum)------->Android app on Phone
*---->| /

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@Nihanth - I used two XIAO BLE SENSE, one as master and one as slave using a simple example from ArduinoBLE library.
Master code: Examples → ArduinoBLE → Central → LedControl
Slave code: Examples → ArduinoBLE → Peripheral → LED

Master scans and connects to the device that is advertising a LED service.

Now I am trying to create a HUB device using XIAO BLE SENSE:
(slave)XIAO <-> (HUB)XIAO <-> (master)Android device.

So I am looking for a similar solution as @PJ_Glasso, for XIAO. I would like to know how to obtain a switching master/slave behaviour.