Can Seeed help me tracking an order?


My name is Carl and I occasionally shop with Seeed. Most recently I placed an order.
Order Number: 104648 Order Placed On: 01/06/2014 Order Status: Traceable

The tracking number you quoted me is not recognised by any carrier not least Parcel Force with whom the tracking number belongs. Their system contends the tracking number is more than 10 days old and has expired!?

Can you advise where my parcel is in the world? #appreciate it is only a few weeks since order, but tracable must mean traceable to yourselves at least. :unamused:

TIA for your help.

I’ ve the same problem with my order N°105649 wich was shipped by EMS. My tracking number is not recognised.
I’ve alreday sent two messages and get no response. You should be more respectfull with your customer and take time to give answers to their asks.
I think that if i get no more information at the end of this week I will just contact Paypal to cancel my order.
It’s my first order and I’m very unpleanstly surpise by the situation.


Just a message to inform that I’ve received my order today.
I just want to regret that I’ve sent Three mail and start litigation with paypal and get absolutly no response from you.
Finally I get my product but I think you should reorganize your team or process because it’s not very confortable to order something with such poor customer relationship. It’s a shame because you sell good products.

The issue is caused by EMS’s recent change to their shipping policies, however, I expected Seeed Studio to be more helpful. Simply answering the questions posed in my emails to support regarding insurance and procedures for lost packages, or following up on the status of the parcel like they said they would, could have made this a much more pleasant experience.

Hi Sumer,

This is Sue from Seeedstudio CS team,
Please email us at, we can help all problem for you:),

Have a nice day!