Can RF​​μ-328-BARE be replaced by XRF wireless RF?


I am now in China and I am working on a home energy monitoring project, which use RFµ-328-BARE - Arduino ATMega 328 compatible micro board (the forum doesn’t allow me to post a URL, please go to CISECO uk website, you will find what I am talking about)

However, I can’t find it in China, as it is a little bit urgent, there is no time to ship it from CISECO in UK. But, I found Seeed Studio is a distributor of CISECO, and you have XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module XBee shaped.
( … -1851.html)

My question is, can I simply buy a XRF to replace RFµ-328-BARE? Is XRF auduino ATMega 328 compatible?
Thank you.



“XRF wireless RF radio UART serial data module XBee shaped” which uses CC1110 is a radio module and does not come with Atmega328. This module can be used with existing Arduino using UART interface.

We have many RF(ISM), Xbee, WiFi based products( Please see if any of them fit your requirements. Few of them come with Atmega328 inbuilt.