Can not get DSI to display with Dual Gigabit Ethernet Carrier Board

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Hi, I’ve been trying now for a while to connect a RPi DSI screen clone (5in 800x480) with no success. I followed this guide.

In my /boot/firmware/config.txt file, if I do not set a dtoverlay, I get no image, but also no feedback while using evtest. If I set the dtoverlay to vc4-kms-dsi-7inch, I still get no image, but can see my touchscreen input using evtest.

Has anyone ever gotten a DSI display to work on this board before, or know how seeed was able to get it to work?

thanks for adding the SKU!

this may be dumb… but maybe try bringing a ground wire (and or power) from the display back to the board… I know i had a display connected to the RPi3 and it needed a ground to the gpio? just a thought

I added some wires from the screen to the same 5v source the carrier board is getting its power from a few days ago with no luck. Just tried to jump the ground from the screen to the ground of the USB 3.0 header still nothing yet.

Additionally, I was able to find this in the kernel logs:

[    1.521178] bcm2708_fb soc:fb: Unable to determine number of FBs. Disabling driver.
[    1.521207] bcm2708_fb: probe of soc:fb failed with error -2
[    4.055414] systemd[1]: Starting [email protected] - Load Kernel Module drm...
[    4.275331] systemd[1]: [email protected]: Deactivated successfully.
[    4.278953] systemd[1]: Finished [email protected] - Load Kernel Module drm.

well it was worth a try!

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