Can I use UartSBee to Program my Seeeduino Wirelessly?

It is not clear to me if I can use UartSBee and an XBee module to remotely program and run my Seeeduino board. Is this possible?If this is possible, what do I need to purchase and do? Thanks

Hi ,

Referring to the tutorial in the link , i have managed to do this.
I used UartBee and Xbee S1 as transmitter, xbee shield and Seeeduino as receiver. After setting the xbee S1 according to the tutorial , i connect a 100nF capacitance from pin D3 on the receiver Xbee shield to reset of Seeeduino. And then , open the Arduino-1.0, and it work :smiley: Glad to share this if i have time.


Thank you for testing this out. Just to make sure I understand
the hardware path:

PC -> USB Cable -> UartSBee V4 -> XBee S1 RF -> transmit
receive -> XBee S1 RF -> XBee Shield -> Seeeduino

with D3 connected to Seeeduino reset.

Is this correct?

yes , but you should connect a 100nF capacitor from RTS to Seeeduino reset.

Oh, i miss somethings. As to Xbee Shield ,firstly, it is necessary to remove the R1 and add a solder bridge. Secondly, you should solder in a tiny jumper between the RTS pin and D3.