Can I use this to program the Rainbowduino?

N00B here,

Is this what I need to program the rainbowduino? … p-495.html

Or something else?

Thanks for your help

Hey Tony,

Not quite (though I hear you can program through UART)

What you actually need is a STK500 compatible programmer, for example: … p-207.html

hope that helps :wink:

Tony, yes the UARTSB 2.2 works fine with the Rainbowduino, I use the same board. Set the “Board” setting in the Arduino IDE to “Arduino NG or older w/ATMega 168” and away you go.

Thanks for your help. Too bad they are sold out of UARTSB. I ordered the AVR programmer.


Hi guys,
Yes, UartSB_v2.2 is compatible with Rainbow.