Can I use the HDMI connector on the SEA shield as input?

I would like to build a simple video processing application. Can I use the HDMI connector on the SEA shield as an HDMI sink? If so is there maybe an example project which can put me in the right direction?


Niko This is the organization that Xilinx maintains. There’s an HDMI example in there. @nikoneufeld

Dear Baozhu,

Thank you very much for the rapid answer! I had looked at this repo before. But the example there uses HDMI to output a Videosignal. I would like to use the HDMI as input, so to get the HDMI signal into the FPGA and the process the image there.


I have given them feedback and hope they can provide such examples in the future. @nikoneufeld

Thank you! If you just could ask or find out if it is at least in principle possible - i.e. if the hardware does allow it? This would be the case for instance if the HDMI lines are routed directly to the FPGA (I didn’t find a schematic of the board), but not if the HDMI signals are routed to some HDMI conditioner chip (which is usually unidirectional).

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